Al Khor Academy

Al Khor Academy chooses mats for prestigious new school.
Al Khor Academy

Alumat Flooring Solutions was recently awarded a large contract to supply 3.5 tonnes of entrance mats to a new international school in Qatar.

2.5 tonnes of AL15 HD I mats were air freighted to Qatar in August. They have already been installed and a second shipment is due to leave shortly.

Alumat was competing against prominent international manufacturers for this contract. After much scrutiny and inspection of product samples, along with submissions and assurances we were able to demonstrate the quality of the products. The panel decided to opt for Alumat as their preferred supplier, choosing their top of the range product AL15 HD I.

This has been the largest project Alumat has undertaken to date, and it has been pleasing to see the growing interest in our products both in New Zealand, and abroad.