Entrance Mats

Quality matting for your building entrance.

Alumat Flooring Solutions offers a range of mat types to meet every need. Before making a selection, it is necessary to understand the different mat types, how they work and which one will be the best for you.

  • Inside Zone

    Mats typically are required to remove some water and finer particles of dirt. If there is not a lot of water to remove, then the closed type of mat construction is usually best as it has a higher percentage of scraper infills, and, as there is no fall through, the underside of the mat requires no cleaning.

    1. 1.

      8 – 10mm deep with or without prefitted ramping.
      Alumat Alumat 10 I and Alumat 10 W Series.

    2. 2.

      15 – 20mm deep, Alumat 15 I Series for use in a mat well.

    3. 3.

      In some areas, excess water entering the building may still be a concern, then any of the outside zone water draining mats can be used.

  • Outside Zone

    Typically outside, often exposed to the weather, and the first point of contact for people entering the building. Alumat recommends their unique closed draining mat types where water containment or removal is a priority.

    These closed draining mats are constructed with drain channels that alternate with the regular infill strips, to carry water away from the mat surface. Unlike the conventional open mat types, such as the Alumat 20 Series, the water and dirt does not discharge randomly under the mat where is can be difficult remove at times.

    Instead the water is contained in the channels where the water can soon evaporate, or even be directed to drainage points in the matwell, so continuous water can be efficiently channelled away. This is the best option and available with the 15–20mm deep mat options. Without drainage, any mat well could become waterlogged and cease to perform its function.

    Simply place a floor waste,in the mat well, or connection to a threshold drain and our Alumat 15 D series can continuously collect and discharge the water for you.

    1. 1.

      8 – 10mm deep with or without prefitted ramping.
      Alumat Alumat 10 D and Alumat 10 WD Series.

    2. 2.

      15 – 20mm deep, Alumat Alumat 15 D and Alumat 15 WD Series.